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SCIENCE_SEA FAQ Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Will My Student Get to Keep all their Gear?

Your student will recieve a personalized mask, snorkel, fins, and boots which they will be able to take home and keep. Other items such as a Wetsuit, BCD, Regulator, Safety Second, and Computer will be loaned to them for use in the class from our rental shop.

2. Where are the Freshwater Springs? 

Our Freshwater Dives will be in Vortex Springs and Morrison Spings. Both are located near Ponce de Leon North of Destin.

You can learn more about Vortex by viewing thier website here.  

*Please be aware that there are not a lot of food options in this area. It is advised to pack a lunch and/or cooler for the day. 

3. Where Will The Open Water Dives Take Place? 

There are 100's of dive sites in and around Destin. Sites will be chosen by our boat captain for best conditions on the day of the dive.

4. Where Will The Wreck Dive Be? 

Wreck dives will take place in Vortex Springs where they have a sunken sailboat used for wreck dive training. 

5. Are There Any Other Costs I Need To Consider? 

The price of the course includes everything students will need to complete the course. All costs from gear and certification cards, to entrance fees into Vortex have been alloted for in the price of the course. There are no hidden fees. 

6. What Happens if Class Gets Cancelled? 

There is a makeup day built into every session- just in case. 

7. What About the 5 Partial College Credits?

During the Advnaced Open Water course, students will make 5 adventure dives each counting as a partial college credit. After successful completion of the session, students can choose  to return at a later date to finish one, or all of the five specialities, turning those partial credits into full credits.  

8. Can We Dive with our Kids? 

If you are already a certified diver you are welcome to join your kids on thier dives! We encourage families sharing this experience so long as parents allow thier children to focus on the course.

9. Are there Any Other Options if My Child isn't Old Enough Yet? 

If your child isn't old enough yet you can check out our SEAL TEAM Program for kids ages 8-12 years old. Seal Team is a great way to introduce slighty younger children to SCUBA. If they are younger than 8 we also offer  Snorkel Camp for kids ages 5-7 years old. 

10. Does my Student Need to do the DSD? 

Attending the DSD is required for the course. In the DSD ( Discover Scuba Dive ) your student will get an opportunity to learn about the gear they will be working with, as well as make sure they will be comfortable underwater in order to do the course.