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Thank you for your interest in  our survival swim lesson program. Through these lessons, your child can learn critical survival skills and a foundation for lifelong enjoyment of the water.
Lessons are private and instruction will be tailored to your child’s skill and comfort level.  We customize the lessons, especially for him/her, to ensure the safest, most efficient lessons. We want each child to experience success and use positive reinforcement to recognize each accomplishment, no matter how small. The parent, or caregiver, watches every lesson poolside. Students attend 10-minute lessons every Monday-Thursday.  The reason for this is multifaceted. First, repetition and consistency are crucial elements of learning for young children.  Second, many children are challenged to focus on the task for longer and we want to take advantage of the best time for learning. Third, we swim a lot at a very fast pace and he/she will likely be tired at that point.
Infants 6 to 14 months are taught the rollback-to-float sequence.  These young children learn from their physical environment.   We honor this method of learning.  Through this process the child is taught breath control, correct floating posture, and the skills to attain a back float and remain floating for varied periods of time. Lessons typically last approximately 4 weeks. 
Children 1-6 years, who are walking, are taught the swim-float-swim sequence – swimming in a face down position, using his/her arms and legs; rolling onto their back to a survival float when they feel the pressure on their chest that tells them that they need a breath; and then flipping back over to continue swimming.  We teach using behavioral psychology, sensorimotor learning and positive reinforcement, to make the ordinarily unforgiving water environment safe for your children to learn what will work to allow them to make progress in swimming and obtain air when they need it. It typically takes approximately 6 weeks to learn all the skills.  The exact duration of lessons varies somewhat since every lesson is geared to the child and every child is different. Typically, older children will complete lessons in a shorter period of time. Notice there is an overlap in ages. This is because not all children develope at the same rate.  We will work together with you to determine the best skill set for your child based on a number of factors including risk exposure.  
Please read BEFORE you register  **Click Here For a copy of --> Starfish Enrollment Information Page**
ONLINE - February 1st at 2pm
IN STORE - February 2nd at 9am
ANY  Questions - Call before registering (850) 461-3328 
 Please follow all of the Five steps below to complete your Registration:
1. DO NOT sign in as a new user until ALL students are enrolled.
2. Choose your class under "SWIMMING" heading and add to shopping cart by clicking on shopping cart icon. If you are using your smart phone or tablet, you must turn it sideways to see the shopping cart.
3. Complete registration process with your swimmer's information - 
All class purchase information refers to your child.  If you have more than one child for swimming lessons, each swimmer's information must be entered seperately. DO NOT USE ADD CUSTOMER TAB. This will require you to register one child, then click on the Emerald Coast Scuba Icon in the upper left corner of this website, click on "SWIMMING, and then choose the next class with next swimmer's information. After all swimmers' information is entered, click "CHECK OUT" where you will be prompted to sign in or register you, as a new user. 
IN CHECKOUT You Must select one of the below in "SHIPPING CHARGES"
** $35 "Annual Individual Registration" in Checkout for One Person**
** $50 "Family Annual Registration" in Checkout for more than one**
Select PayPal for Checkout. Then it will give you the option of PayPal or Visa,MC, AMEX or Discover. You can check out with your PayPal account or enter your credit card.


4. Sign up for Weather Text Alerts: 

Text your @smpxxxxx for your class time to 81010 

9am Class  -    @smp20sp9          10am Class  -  @smp20sp10      11am Class  -  @smp20sp11    

Noon Class  -  @smp20sp12       1pm Class  -    @smp20sp1        2:30 Class  -   @smp20sp230   
3:30 Class  -    @smp20sp330     4:30 Class  -     @smp20sp430   5:30 Class  -   @smp20sp530   
6:30 Class  -    @smp20sp630 

Weather alerts are the ONLY way we communicate if your class has been canceled due to weather and when the make up will be. If you do not sign up for the weather alerts you will have no way of knowing this information.


5. Fill out registration form and email it to ecsswimdestin@gmail.com Without this form we will not be able to place your child in their appropriate groups and make sure they are in the correct class. If we do not recieve the registration form within 48 hours the swimmer will be removed from the class. 

**Click Here --> 2020 STARFISH REGISTRATION FORM**       

      Only email Registration Form to: ecsswimdestin@gmail.com

Make ups

We do make-ups for WEATHER only. If you need to miss a class for any other reason, your child will simply miss a class. Just come to your regularly scheduled next class. Since all of the classes are full, we cannot simply add your child to another class as this would put us over our student to Instructor ratios. Thank you for understanding.

Summer 8 Week Calendar

You will only be paying for one week at a time. All other weeks can be paid in person or online after you have begun your classes.
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