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ABOUT SWIM LESSONS From 6 Months Old to Adults


Founded in 2006, Emerald Coast Scuba,  Come join us for fun in the sun at Emerald Coast Scuba.




ONLINE - February 1st at 2pm

IN STORE - February 2nd at 9am

ANY  Questions - Call before registering (850) 461-3328 




Registration can be done in person as always,  ONLINE is best for the parents who are certain that their child is in the right class.  If you have any questions about which class your child should be in - then please call us or come register at the shop and we will steer you in the right direction.

Swim Hotline - Call ot Text (850) 461-3328

Emerald Coast Scuba is proud to offer group lessons and individual lessons. Our lessons are designed to cater to each child’s individual needs and abilities. has designed a program that caters to every child’s individual needs. These lessons are structured to promote familiarization with the water, safety in and around the water, correct stroke technique and stroke development; all in a safe and fun environment! Our instructors are lifeguard certified and have trained extensively before gaining their own station.

STARFISH:  (Infants 6-14 months and Children 1-6 years) 

They are taught potentially life-saving survival skills. Lessons private (1:1) for approximately 10-minutes, Monday-Thursday and are custom tailored to you child’s skill and comfort level to ensure the safest, most efficient lessons. Lessons may seem short but they will be working hard the entire time. The parent, or caregiver, watches every lesson poolside. Infants 6-14 months: Rollback-to-Float. This includes swimming in a face down, breath control, correct floating posture, and the skills to attain a back float and remain floating for varied periods of time. Lessons typically last approximately 4 weeks. Children 1-6 years: Swim-Float-Swim. This included in a face down position, using his/her arms and legs; rolling onto their back to a survival float when they feel the pressure on their chest that tells them that they need a breath; and then flipping back over to continue swimming. These lessons last  approximately 6 weeks.

The Dolphins class is for swimmers ranging in age from 6 months to 3 years. This class starts as a base for acclimation to the water, life saving skills and progresses to basic swimming skills. This class has 3 levels, so children will be divided by ability. Parents are in the water learning how to work with their little swimmer on the skills.  

The Penguins class is for swimmers ranging in age from 3 to 5 years. This class focuses on safety in and around the water, as well as, beginner swimming technique.

The Sharks class is for swimmers ranging in age from 6 to 12 years. This class focuses on teaching good swimming technique, and stroke development.

The Stingrays class is geared towards Pre-teen and adults. This class ranges in its experience level, from someone with little to no swimming ability, all the way to training for long distance swims or all around technique improvement.


We are always looking for fun, child-loving individuals to add to Our team.

Hours : 

Monday - Saturday  9am - 5:00 pm

Sunday - 9am-2pm